Cubbon Park 4
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Cubbon Park. Sunday 0600 hrs. .
Bliss and harmony combined in an area of approximately 190 acres – once over 300 acres in size but forcibly shrunk by rapid urbanization.  For those living in Bangalore including several corporate ‘big-wigs’ (preferring to talk  business informally in an open fresh environment instead of during Saturday night cocktail circuits…finding them too cliche and meant only for the uninitiated!) flock every morning to the pristine offerings of this natural park.


Intricately shaped trees, centuries old, interspersed with a wide variety of plants and flowers, rare winged birds, squirrels, butterflies (the list could go on almost endlessly), never cease to serenely calm the mind, body & soul of every walker, jogger and casual visitor to this wondrous green abode. Just a few kilometers of an engaging walk through its meandering pathways can revive the most tired or stressed individual from the aftermath of the week gone by.





But these are not only the offerings that this park engulfs you with.

It also offers to a plethora of people of various shapes, sizes and ages to work out their bodies to the rhythm of a trainer and his music, free Yoga classes conducted by those devoted to the cause of good health & vitality or simply setting up a net and playing badminton with friends or picking up a cycle and lazily biking around…or just doing your thing by working out all by yourself over large expanses of greenery!

But for me, the most fascinating contribution that this awesome place offers is an absolutely enthralling and captivating set of performances executed by young artists involved in fine arts and folk music on the Bandstand from 0600 hrs to 0830 hrs!


I can assure you, that this is one visual treat for the senses that will effortlessly prove uplifting and joyful…something that can rarely be experienced by those who never flock towards the Cubbon Park on an early Sunday morning!!


Anand K Nair

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