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Welcome back to my world!

I’m most delighted to commence on a short series of blogs on Collaborative Leadership coinciding with the advent of my workshop available for anyone across the globe. This workshop has been very enthusiastically crafted for all Corporate Organizations who would like to imbibe exemplary Leadership into their fold of governance.


In a world where geographical boundaries have quite literally melted away due to the advent of the internet, reaching out to the entire 8 billion population that exists on planet earth is just a couple of clicks away. Zillions of social media channels have brought each one of us that much more closer to each other and this is one situation that is going to last eternally.

However, not only are we more closely connected to each other personally but also on a professional level wherein doing business is more virtual than the good old briefcase in hand sales technique… superfluously ineffective in today’s scenario!

And along with the rapidly changing ecosystem, the very nature of Leadership, per say, has also gone through a dynamic orbit shift. Leadership is no more a varied set of formulas, mental techniques or behavioral patterns to suit existing governance within the organization. In fact, the old ‘Leadership Guard’ is quite a thing of the past and it would be suicidal for any organization to nevertheless preserve this ‘mummy’ of yesteryears!

True Leadership really is what you possess deep within you – your Inner Being. True Leadership is not your external but your entire consciousness. Hence, true Leadership can only be understood once you have connected with every Power of the Universe instilled in you to eventually take you towards your Ultimate Possibility!

Till we meet over my next blog in this serial…Ciao for now ?

Anand K Nair

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