Welcome back to my world!

From time immemorial, from adolescence to adulthood to aging maturity, it’s always been one monotonous dialogue that tends to rule everyone’s space: Do you actually have a goal in life?

The big question should have been: Instead of a goal, do you have a future Vision in life?

Now this may sound absolutely disastrous to that general populace who have been, quite literally brought up to believe that the only manner to eventually succeed in life is to first conjure up a GOAL (in capitals, if I may), and then work on a plan with a kaleidoscope of backup plans which, sort of guarantees a ‘bingo’ achievement of the Goal!

So every goal-setter, worth their weight in salt, spends days on end goal-setting, creating plans never experienced before, stresses over every minor detail of an imaginary action gambit, believing finally that they have created the ultimate set of masterstrokes to achieve the impossible and then Eureka (!) heads off on a gladiatorial path with all swords drawn.

Most often than not, I have witnessed many goal-setters crash miserably when the odds stack up heavily. And odds will stack up when a recipe for disaster is based on imaginary predictions of a strategic action plan.

Vision and actionThe fact of the matter is that you don’t need a goal to materialize your dreams. What you need is a Vision seeped in passion. One that can change the way the world exists. An orbit changer of sorts. And a will to walk a path aligned with your inner strengths exclusively known only to you. All it takes to realize your dreams into fruition are:

  • A Logical Vision: One that is realistic and not as in building a farmhouse on the moon. A Vision that stems from your deepest Inner Being. A Vision that possesses you entirely encapsulating your mind, body and soul.
  • Questioning your WHY: People who are brainwashed into exclusively setting goals rarely question the WHY. They tend to exclusively dive into the WHAT and HOW to reach their goals. Once you have your WHY clearly defined, the WHAT and the HOW will naturally fall in place.
  • Passionately embarking on your Journey: Life is a Journey and it never came along with a rule book when you were born! You are going to stumble and you are going to fall. But what the heck! Who said you can’t fall and spring up once again? Of course you can! Just don’t create boundaries around you like strategic plans do and you’ll be fine…
  • Believe in Yourself: Not on some fictional set of strategic plans. Your Vision is your WHY. That’s good enough. Concentrate on the journey and learn as you go, honing yourself towards higher levels of excellence. Closely embrace and study each failure. The amazing thing about failures is that while they may not always be encouraging, it can teach you much more than all the books in the world. Constantly believe in yourself and learn from your failures all the time.
  • And last but not the least, remain Fearless of the Unknown: If we could predict the future, we wouldn’t need the present. Stop bothering on what could possibly go wrong. Leave that to those who make plans and backup plans and fall-back plans and so forth. Keep your passion alive and concentrated on your one single Vision. The rest is part of the journey you have decided to embark on. Remain in the NOW and be absolutely aware of how you take advantage of it. Rely on your skills. Concentrate on turning every moment into a masterpiece.  That’s all that it takes.

I know that many of you reading this will probably think I’m one old loony Maverick. And I don’t blame you. After all, my success stories in life didn’t stem from creating goals after goals and spending endless time mulling over strategic plans. My successes came from dreaming up Visions and then passionately chasing them. Falling, rising, falling and rising up again. And enjoying every moment of the journey…just the way life was meant to be!

Ciao for now…

Anand K Nair

Inspirational Speaker. Leadership Coach. Business Mentor. Life Counselor. Author, Artist.