My mother named me ‘Anand’ (which literally means ‘peaceful’) the day I was born since I came forth into the world as calm as a calf. A couple of years later, she sure did regret choosing that name because by then I had turned into a raging bull! And henceforth, I was constantly admonished by all the elders in my family to “only speak when spoken to” and to remain as ceaselessly silent as possible as there was “Power in Silence” (that was my grandfather’s constant passé).

For a raging bull, this was a feat impossible to achieve. I could never understand why I had to persistently remain silent when the most of me raged to express every iota of thought that crossed my mind.

But as the years meandered by and the ‘raging bull’ began to putter down to a ‘not so raging bull’, the Power of Silence became to be progressively understood. In due course of time, I began to realize that the more I spoke, the less I learned because I was only repeating what I already knew. But when I remained silent and only listened, the entire knowledge of the Universe would seep through me empowering me in a manner nothing really could.

And that’s when a journey of inculcating silence into my life began. And by no measure was it difficult. All I really did was sit quietly and observe my mind and body as a Being that didn’t belong to either of them. Most often I allowed my thoughts to wander till they eventually became still as I calmed my restless body with measured and relaxed breathing. I admit it takes a bit of practice to finally reach the required degree of calm and stillness. But as you get there ultimately, the experience of the Power of Silence is astonishing.

For one, Silence heightens ones Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Improved Decision making Skills and Compassion for others while reducing compulsive behaviour entirely. These traits are typical of those who have discovered their very Inner Being just through the Power of Silence and now exist in a wondrous state of enhanced mental clarity. Needless to say, the Power of Silence, practiced through being still, cools down the emotional center of our brain giving us the ability to regulate our emotions and be more in control of our impulses.

Secondly, people who have discovered the Power of Silence are better Listeners. Better Listeners are undoubtedly more Trustworthy and infinitely Approachable. There is never a threat of an irrational argument in a conversation meant to be heard. Instead the ultimate views expressed by the Listener, after having mentally analysed the facts, builds respect and acceptance instantly.

Thirdly and professionally speaking, being silent is very Empowering for Team Building. Good Leaders allow the cup of expressions of their teams to be filled by them rather than cramming it to the brim with their own exclusive views thus enabling effective direction, operational purpose, effectual inclusivity and a healthy sense of collaborative solidarity and camaraderie.

Last but not the least the Power of Silence enables us to make critical decisions both in our personal and professional existences from Higher Levels of Consciousness rather than from highly subjugated mindsets borne out of being pressurized by circumstances around us that constantly push us from one issue to another. This indeed is a very critical component in our lives and one that endlessly paves our roads towards success in whatever we desire to accomplish in our journey called Life.

Anand K Nair

Inspirational Speaker. Leadership Coach. Mentor. Life Counsellor. Author. Artist.