(Dedicated to the awe-inspiring Woman in my life on our 32nd Anniversary)


On a cool autumn evening

Over three decades ago

Like a butterfly blessed with wings of gossamer

She drifted into his life


He felt her warmth close to his heart, her unblemished passion surrounding his very being

She embraced his body and soul with outstretched arms

And for the first time in the life of a rebellious wanderer

He experienced the joy of a woman’s mystical love


With every twig he placed in the nest over the years

She secured it with the strength of her benevolent commitment

While with every sunrise she brought hope for a better future

With every sunset she impassioned a vision of an empowering tomorrow


As time like a river constantly flowed

With every moment that instantly dissolved into the past

She soon became the epicenter of knowledge for him

And he learnt as life meandered on


That patience and calm over anger was blissful

That being a good Human surpassed religious fervor

That commitment was exclusively inclusive

That loyalty was irreplaceable

That family was a foundation

That crafting masterpieces in the Present was a precedence over building castles in the air for the future

That challenges were a part of life’s motivational dynamisms


And most important of all


That no matter how harsh winters could get

There was always an invincible summer within!


Anand K Nair

Inspirational Speaker. Leadership Coach. Mentor. Life Counselor. Author &Writer. Artist.