Anand K Nair The Ethereal Phoenix

You walk amidst my creations

Oblivious to the meaning behind each brush stroke

Because all that you really want

Is a splash of colour to adorn the interiors of your home


You then fiendishly bargain down the value

Deconstruct its very being pretending you have other choices

And then walk away with your new possession and a victorious smirk when I give in


But NO!

That is not only what you have bargained down


You have bargained down

Years of resilience through frustrating failures

An endless, painful toil to craft excellence

A passionate determination to bring imagination to reality

And those few moments of pleasure to finally present you a masterpiece


But worst of all


You have bargained down

Every piece of my Mind, Body and Soul

Every breath of my heart

Every speck of my cosmic existence Within

To create a kaleidoscope of the enchanting colours of Spring

Just to inspire you after a long harsh spell of a Winter


And that’s why you will never realize

Why I finally gave in…


Anand K Nair

Inspirational Speaker. Leadership Coach. Business Mentor. Life Counselor. Author & Writer. Artist.