Anand Nair

The moment your Vision, your Passion and You 

dissolve into each other

you will create a Masterpiece

Ideator. Vision To Fruition Catalyst. Speaker.  Author. Writer.

Founder – Anand Nair Leadership Foundation

Having spent almost 4 successful decades in the Corporate world heading in as a Management Trainee and ‘teeing’ off as a Chief Executive Officer of one of the world’s largest institutes and research centres involved in Clinical Research, I passionately decided to give back to the world what I had learnt over the years. 

That’s when I decided to create the Anand Nair Leadership Foundation and began a pursuit towards empowering seekers, students, professionals and entrepreneurs with all the wisdom, knowledge and experience I had gained over several decades of my existence traversing the only journey known to me – a journey called LIFE! 

With a meandering path filled with quite a few hits and misses, I eventually evolved into a Product To Market Catalyst, Business Mentor, Thought Leadership Speaker & a Community Founder – Sledgehammer’s Edge Universe (SEU Hub). This sure has turned out to be an amazingly fulfilling space to exist in.

As a Product To Market Catalyst and a Business Development Mentor, I inspire professionals and entrepreneurs to engage in innovative thinking and strategic planning to take their visions, solutions and products to their target audiences. I passionately share my corporate and brand management experiences while offering practical solutions with both Professionals, who feel they are floundering in their careers in the vital spheres of Business Development and Entrepreneurs, whose understanding of the ever changing ecosystem of client preferences could do with a bit of re-engineering. 

My Vision was always to create a Universe of collective wisdom where one could get empowered to think from higher levels of consciousness and to craft awe-inspiring realities out of every dream harboured within. Hence, the creation of The Sledgehammer’s Edge Universe (SEU Hub) – a Community dedicated to individuals who believe they can become Creators of an amazing new world to live in through their Dreams, Visions, Ideas and Innovative Thinking . 

A Community that collectively Ignites Your Powers Within!

The Sledgehammer’s Edge

It is because we think, we exist, and not the other way around. The very content of our thoughts dictates the standards of our existence. We have a choice in every moment of our lives to either be a victim or a winner! The story entwines itself around a young boy whose personal and professional dreams are turned into reality by a man who makes him recognize the inner strength he has by surrendering to the Universe and all its Powers embedded within his inner Being.
The Sledgehammer’s Edge is a moving story about how one can use the several Powers of the Universe to successfully achieve every dream in one’s life and create amazing masterpieces for the world to enjoy.
This book takes you on a path of realization of the enormous powers that lie within you to be exemplary in every walk of life. Hence, this book is not necessarily entrepreneurial in nature but deals immensely with the Soul, Mind and Body and how they subtly relate to each other in creating masterpieces in whatever one does, both personally and professionally.