Anand Nair Initiatives

A high-octane transformational speaker Anand K Nair, Founder of Anand Nair Leadership Foundation, delivers proven solutions for empowerment and leadership that emerge out of ‘Powers Within’.

His mission: To empower people and organizations to achieve sustainable success by embarking on journeys within oneself. As a popular keynote speaker he combines inspiration with insight in his charismatic style to emotionally bond with his audiences, while his energizing sessions stimulate the participants to transform their innate verves into positive energies to create intense desires for success and personal fulfillment.

From a fledgling Management Trainee in the early 80’s to a seasoned CEO of a large multi-crore organization, Anand K. Nair always travelled that extra mile. Every milestone was a lesson in transpersonal leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and compassionate man management.

His professional career graph panned over 3 decades, covering industries such as Telecommunications, Concept Selling, Office Automation, Printing, Advertising, Education and Research.

It was his tryst with Education that made Anand K Nair discover his ultimate goal: a passionate desire to share his life experiences with the younger generation teaching them how to become extraordinary Leaders in both their personal and professional lives.

Today, as a known Entrepreneur, Leadership & Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant, Life Coach and Author, he conducts several Corporate and Personal Empowerment Workshops across industries, Educational Institutions, Corporates and the Voluntary Sector as he shares his timeless lessons about life’s most defining moments.

However, his most favored moments are spent in interacting with individuals across different sections of society as a Life Counsellor while passionately empowering women entrepreneurs across the country.

Anand Nair Leadership Foundation was created to generate a new league of extraordinary Leaders fused with high levels of integrity, spirituality and awareness who would think from superior levels of a higher consciousness.

The Foundation’s vision is to ignite the several Powers of the Universe that exists within all of us, bringing us face to face with the immense greatness that is embedded deep within our inner being in order for us to create amazing Masteries in life.

 Its mission is to bring about a sea change in the sphere of leadership worldwide by engaging Corporate Personnel, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Mentors, Students, Communities and Individuals with the Foundation’s Sledge hammering leadership initiatives based on Anand K Nair’s over several decades of Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience coupled with his invaluable spiritual exposures.

Suite of Empowering Programs

For the Youth

The Sledgehammer’s Edge

  • The Inner Being and Leadership from Within
  • Creating Realities through the ideology of the Golden Circles
  • The Universe and your Powers within

For the Budding Entrepreneur

The Sledgehammer’s Edge

  • The Powers within and Exemplary Leadership
  • Leadership from Within and Entrepreneurial Empowerment
  • The Inner Being and ICE
  • Entrepreneurship and the Gladiator’s Path towards World Class Existence

For the Professional

The Sledgehammer’s Edge

  • The Inner Being and Collaborative Leadership
  • Leadership from Within and Strategic Empowerment
  • Leadership from Within and creating Intrepreneurs with Substance
  • Leadership and the EQ of Man Management
  • The Agent of Innovation, Change and Progressive Evolution

AGNI Initiative’s sole aim is to bring about a sea-change in the sphere of leadership and management both in India and across the world by involving Corporate Honchos, experienced Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Mentors, Students, Communities and Individuals who passionately desire to change the world through sledgehammering leadership and management resources.

Through its power-packed Team of experienced Mentors and Consultants, this Initiative is keen on supporting Startups, Women Entrepreneurs, SMEs and the like, to craft amazing organizations for themselves.

An inspirational Talk Show involving Titans from their spheres of brilliance who fire up your pursuit towards excellence.

Empowerment workshops that are metaphysically oriented and ignite your Powers Within to become world class Icons.

A string of highly volatile discussions by industry Honchos that spark all your dreams into realities.

A kaleidoscope of Indian art and music performances that fuel your artistic impulses.

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