Sledgehammer’s Edge Universe

The vison fell into place as easily as did my passion to serve. My vision was to create a Universe of collective wisdom where one could get empowered to think from a higher level of consciousness and to turn every dream harboured within into ICONIC realities.
And thus was born the SEU Hub or the Sledgehammer’s Edge Universe Hub – A Universe created exclusively for young inspired Women Entrepreneurs.
And why not?! You have it all. Your amazing ability to MULTI-TASK, the strength of your EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT, the depth of your PATIENCE & RESILIENCE, the wide spectrum of your INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY and most of all your unquestionable PASSION TO SERVE. Each of these gems you possess are the powers you have to craft realities out of your dreams!!
The SEU Hub consists of several planets. Each one of them designed to inspire and guide young women who believe in their dreams, their visions and most importantly in THEMSELVES to step in and traverse with us to craft orbit-shifting ICONIC Realities.
Come join us and let us embark on an entrepreneurial journey for a LIFETIME together…

SEU Hub Membership


A Hub of Inspirational & PRACTICAL communications to Ignite your Powers Within strong enough to get you to thinking ICONIC

Future Memberships


A Hub of researched TACTICAL communications to sledgehammer your orbit-shifting endeavors towards an empowered WORLD CLASS existence


A Hub of STRATEGIC virtual rendezvous guiding you onto a path seeped with innovative thinking leading towards an ICONIC Progressive Evolution


SEU Hub – Inspire

The inspiration behind the creation of the SEU Hub originated from the very Vision I had conceived a few years ago.

The journey From Dreams to Reality is quite truly an amazing one conceptualized for those who join the Hub:

Dream > Vision > Enablers > Gap > Design > Implement > Achieve > Review.

This will encompass several dimensions that are pre-requisites to the final Goal:

✓ Developing a Practical Vision

✓ Leadership Mindset Orientation

✓ Understanding the forces of developing a ‘Business Model’ to market the Vision

✓ Developing capabilities in several aspects of Business Development which include:

         – Personal & Product Branding

          – Brand Communication

          – Sales & Marketing

         – Events

         – CRM

Every Member of the SEU Hub will belong to the community for a LIFETIME, constantly being EMPOWERED by the various planets that exist within its expanse, depending on the level of membership chosen.

SEU Hub Powerpack - Inspire

A powerpack of Inspirational & PRACTICAL communications to Ignite your Powers Within strong enough to get you to thinking ICONIC. This is a set of modules which will inspire you to understand the journey and what it entails to turn your passionate dreams into reality! 

SEU Hub Live Mentoring

Connect with me and senior members over a Live Mentoring Webinar Group Session once a week to get mentored on a constant basis. 


SEU Hub Networking Rendezvous

A Networking  planet providing a sphere to share one’s challenges and opportunities with hub members. This Planet provides you the space to be one with those who are traversing similar journeys such as yours.

SEU Hub Knowledge Centre

A segmented industry-wise planet dotted with links to videos, articles, research papers & case studies of importance. 

SEU Hub Impact

Featuring a kaleidoscope of podcasts with successful Personalities who candidly share their failures and successes inspiring viewers towards ICONIC!

SEU Hub Virtual Conferences

A 1 Day Global Conference featuring eminent Personalities held every quarter of the year. Here is where you get face to face with ‘Icons of Substance’ to learn and emulate.

SEU Hub Thought Leadership Team

Comprises of Senior Thought Leaders, dedicated to the Vision of creating a Universe of Collective Wisdom and, guiding and advising members traversing a road to ICONIC!

Sledgehammer's Edge Health

A Planet comprising of the best Yoga Instructors, Ayurvedic Practitioners and Dieticians. Well, you can’t get to ICONIC limping through Life!


WE Care

Free  Skill based practical modules for the Underprivileged and Physically Challenged. Here’s your chance to serve while on your road to ICONIC!

Lifetime Inspire Membership – Rs.3999/-(100% refundable within 15 days of receipt if you feel this isn’t the Universe you would like to spend a lifetime with)

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