Anand Nair

Having spent almost 4 successful decades in the Corporate world, heading in as a Management Trainee and ‘teeing’ off as a Chief Executive Officer of one of the world’s largest institutes and research centres involved in Clinical Research, I passionately decided to give back to the world what I had learnt over the years. 

That’s when I decided to create the Anand Nair Leadership Foundation and began a pursuit towards empowering seekers, students, professionals and entrepreneurs with all the wisdom, knowledge and experiences I had gained over several decades of my existence, traversing the only journey known to me – a journey called LIFE! 


Igniting Your Powers within!

Sky Is The Limit!

Anand Nair Leadership Foundation was created to generate a new league of extraordinary  leaders fused with a deep sense of integrity, spirituality and awareness, in order to be able to think from higher levels of consciousness.

The Foundation’s vision is to ignite the several Powers of the Universe that exist within all of us, bringing us face to face with the immense greatness that is embedded deep within our Inner Being in order for us to craft amazing Masterpieces in life.

Its mission is to bring about a sea change in the sphere of leadership worldwide by engaging Corporate Personnel, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Mentors, Students, Communities and Individuals with the Foundation’s sledgehammering leadership initiatives, based on our several decades of Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience coupled with my experiential spiritual exposures.

Sledgehammer’s Edge Universe


We are deeply passionate about inspiring young women to become self-reliant Entrepreneurs.

Our vision has always been to create a Universe of collective wisdom where one could get empowered to think from a higher level of conciousness to turn every dream harboured within into ICONIC  realities.

This Universe belongs to you! Step into it and get inspired to chase your dreams till they become orbit-shifting REALITIES!!


SEU Hub Memberships


A hub of Inspirational & PRACTICAL communications to Ignite your Powers Within strong enough to get you to thinking ICONIC


A hub of researched TACTICAL powerpacks of communications to sledgehammer your orbit-shifting endeavors towards an empowered WORLD CLASS existence


A hub of STRATEGIC virtual rendezvous guiding you onto a path seeped with innovative thinking leading towards an ICONIC Progressive Evolution


The moment your Vision, your Passion and your

capability dissolves into each other you will create a


– Anand nair

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