“A kaleidoscope of Indian art and music performances

that fuel your artistic impulses.”

AGNI Kala Utsav

5th May 2019

The Objective behind the AGNI Kala Utsava was to passionately promote our Indian Art and Artisans across the country and eventually on a global level. Across our nation, there are several genuine artists located not only in our urban areas but also in our large rural expanse. The idea was to attempt to bring as many of them as possible under one roof and to assist them to display their talents to a large segment of Art Connoisseurs, Importers, Exporters, Interior Decorators, Dealers, Art Lovers, etc, for their growth and recognition in their fields of expression.

The AGNI Kala Utsava unfolded on the 28th of July at the Rangoli on MG Road, Bangalore.