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1930 hrs

I stood on an extended balcony of a friend’s residence 24 floors up on a high rise building with only a 3 foot extension in front of me and a world hustling chaotically several feet below. Through the ravages of my mind I recalled the newspaper article I had recently read of a young girl who crossed over a similar extension on a high rise building eventually ending her existence once and for all. As I observed the sheer drop from where I stood the blood in my veins turned cold. I was appalled with the very thought of what could it possibly take any human being to just walk off a ledge into committing suicide in this manner. In fact, I was even more dismayed trying to understand why people would want to end their lives in whatever form they adopted, be it a sheer drop from a tall building, a noose hanging from a fan, slitting their wrist or even consuming pesticides. And as I watched the road far below I figured that committing suicide must require humongous amounts of courage! After all, if it wasn’t courage, what else can it possibly take?

That’s what I assumed till I decided to reach out to several suicide survivors. Being an active Life Counselor all I had to do was to speak to most of my ‘patients’ and through them connect with those who made that one last attempt but survived. And believe it or not, the ensuing journey was an education of a lifetime!

subconsciousThe Mind is a very powerful connect between the Soul and the Body and can be likened to fire which can cook your food and cook you too! Within the precincts of the Mind exists three minds: the Conscious, the Subconscious and the Unconscious Minds. The Conscious Mind consists abysmally 5% of the entire Human Mind. The rest 95% constitutes the Subconscious and the Unconscious Minds. The Subconscious Mind holds memories which are recent in nature while the Unconscious Mind records every moment of one’s experiences of life. It is an amazing storehouse of memories from the day we were born!

In a nutshell, the Conscious Mind converses with the outside world and the inner self through speech, pictures, writing, physical movement, and thought. The Subconscious Mind, on the other hand, is in continuous contact with the resources of the Unconscious Mind which constantly communicates with the Conscious Mind through the Subconscious Mind. It provides one with the meaning to all interactions with the world, as filtered through ones beliefs and habits. It communicates through feelings, emotions, imagination, sensations, and dreams. Hence the Subconscious and the Unconscious Minds play a very active role in tandem with the Conscious Mind to ensure an overall healthy and productive Mindset resulting in a remarkable existence of one self.


However, when the Conscious Mind begins to get excessively and relentlessly barraged with piercingly stressful thoughts and experiences, the Subconscious and Unconscious Minds strain to maintain the stability of the Conscious Mind. And as the Conscious mind ceaselessly becomes more and more turgid, it quite suddenly breaks away from the safe anchorages of the Subconscious and Unconscious Minds resulting in, what we call, the act of suicide. And this could happen at any given point of time: while walking on the road, working at the office, reading a book at home, working out at the gym or even watching an exciting IPL Cricket final!

For all of those who are presently harboring suicidal tendencies I can only advice:


  1. Stay within the Powers of your Inner Being. There is enormous Greatness within you! Feel it, embrace it and believe in it!!
  2. You can’t get out of life alive. So why prepone it? Life is a many splendored thing. Enjoy the meandering journey and don’t mentally resist when things don’t look too good. It won’t last forever! Never does!!
  3. Spend time deep breathing and meditating. Stay in the ‘NOW’. You don’t live in the past anymore. And the future can become awe-inspiring if you concentrate on creating beautiful Masterpieces with the present moment! Appreciate yourself for who you are and not in comparison with anyone else. You are YOU! The final Creator of your own Destiny! There never is a need to be anyone else when you can be fabulously YOURSELF!
  4. And finally, Celebrate Life…Celebrate being YOU!

And to all of those of you who are connected with someone struggling with suicidal tendencies:

  1. Please avoid interacting if you can’t help or remotely understand how precarious the person’s Mind is at the moment.
  2. Stop mirroring your personal stress and frustrations through your actions and words. It will have a deliberating effect and deteriorate the mental crises.
  3. Be patient, loving and caring no matter how stressful the situation or relationship gets. It remotely compares to what’s actually happening in the person’s Mind!Suicide 1
  1. And finally, you have to realize one burning truth: IT DOES NOT TAKE COURAGE BUT JUST A SNAP TO OBLIVION!!


Anand K Nair

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